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Which piece, originally composed for solo piano during the second half of the 19th century, takes you on a tour through a gallery?
What style of music initially inspired Ravel's piano concerto in G major?
What are the three atmospheric piano pieces in 3/4 time composed by Erik Satie called?
Which composer published a series of articles under the name Monsieur Croche?
Which Stravinsky ballet features a rather lively puppet?
Which piece, composed by Charles Ives, was paired with 'Central Park in the Dark' and later inspired his Symphony no. 4?
Which Ravel composition initially commissioned by Diaghilev for the Ballet Russe remained unperformed due to different artistic views?
What is the second piece of Debussy's suite Bergamasque called?
What is the subtitle to Scriabin's symphony no. 3?
What is considered to be Arnold Schoenberg's biggest tonal achievement?

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