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Can you name the 6-letter words that are formed from an element's symbol and a 4-letter word?

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Element + Small Word Clue6-Letter WordDefinition
Iridium + Actor RhamesSongster Berlin
Lithium + Pound sterlingWater, e.g.
Calcium + NothingOntario's home
Radium + Depend (on)Not often
Chlorine + Roman emperorOne of the fates
Rhodium + PoemsColossus locale
Cerium + QueueSinger Dion
Lutetium + ReferenceClear plastic
Molybdenum + Nevada cityRita of 'Oz'
Iron + TV's ExplorerType of hat
Gallium + Pirate spoilsOaf
Bromine + Tumor prefixNFLer
Actinium + Thick stringReconcile
Rhenium + PennyLately
Element + Small Word Clue6-Letter WordDefinition
Samarium + Military groupSleazy
Bismuth + StoreReligious figure
Neon + Senator Harry of NVSea nymph
Americium + WhimperVial
Protactinium + TornRearer, usually
Tellurium + Actress BlanchettMexican beer
Aluminum + EvergreenNon-Nordic skiing
Nobelium + London museumJot down
Astatine + LayersGreek locale
Indium + NetworkActress Bergman
Titanium + Surrealist JuanAncient river
Nickel + King of rhymeActress Kidman
Arsenic + Boat propellerAttack
Holmium + Simpson boyTasmanian city

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