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Can you name the words that start with WH but can have W removed to make another word from combined clues?

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WH-H Words ClueWH-H Words
Kick a tire with the back of your foot
Strike the cab driver with a hard blow
Moby Dick when very healthy
An impudent child in need of aid
A cereal grain getting warmed in an oven
A frog inside a Burger King burger
To give 40 lashes just below the waist
A shout about a round ring earring
The caucasian sexologist Shere
The entire pit
At what time is the chicken arriving?
WH-H Words ClueWH-H Words
A sound of relief from felling a tree
George Michael's band singing about pig meat
Actress Patricia attends an Illinois college
Overcome with feelings by a ship steering mechanism
Call out to get the attention of curd's partner
An eccentric act done by that guy
When a Brit gripes about a door bearing
A neigh sound made by a horse-donkey hybrid
A bang noise made by a camel's feature
Which person is the owner of those nylons
Excited about sharpening a knife on a stone

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