Giant Word Ladder VI

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Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder?

Updated Feb 6, 2015

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Name of 12 Popes
Cherry stones
Compassion or sympathy
Urban population area
World's largest fragrance company
Buffalo Bill ___
Concluding musical section
Profound unconscious state
A large book
To carry around
A head, in Paris
The 9th Hebrew letter
A son of Adam and Eve
A sect of followers of the Dark Side
Friends and neighbors
'The ___ Runner'
A ceremonial practice of a church
Distance divided by time
A life partner
Unable to speak
A horse/donkey hybrid
5280 feet
A liver fluid for digestion
A bird jaw
A formal dance
To remove water from a boat
Actor Conrad of 'Diff'rent Strokes'
Google founder Sergey
Edible seed coats of cereal grains
Kukla, ___, and Ollie
A Spanish custard
Heroine in 'The Good Earth'
Oil of ___
Muhammad Ali, originally
Bivalve often used in chowders
Like the 1970's David Bowie
An oversupply
Disease with painful joint inflamation
Make a sad face
___ Neuf, bridge across the Seine
There are 8 of these in a gallon
A place where coins are made
'Sierra ___': a lemon-lime soda
'Little ___ Sunshine'
To insult, slangily
A plate
A jinn can grant one or more of this
To lave
A relative of the bee
A faster-than-light engine speed
An Irish pale lager
Male version of a hind
Suffering or anguish
French for eight
Give up
A clever remark

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