Giant Word Ladder III

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Can you name the rungs in the following word ladder (volume III)?

Featured May 26, 2010

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Up, down, strange, or charm, e.g.
Fast or smart
A division of General Motors
What the third pig's house was built of
Salty sea water
'To ___ own self be true'
Macbeth's or Macduff's title
To show gratitude
A cut of beef from the leg
'Jaws' antagonist
It gets hunted in a Lewis Carroll story
Colorful 80's cartoon creature
Make loud noises while sleeping
Camping treat with marshmallows
That's Italian for love
Be fond of
Decorate or embellish
Oak tree nut
Openly dislike or disrespect
Kick a field goal or drop a basket, e.g.
10 pins in two balls
Black card suit
Ghost or color
Rock that can contain oil
Largest mammal on earth
The entire thing
Pin that holds an oar
Plural of 'that'
Run after
Gas, liquid, or solid, e.g.
'___ Porridge Hot'
'War and ___'
Fruit used in cobblers
Extend your hand to touch
Hard-to-kill kitchen pest
Samuel Jackson's Carter
Sofa's cousin
Tuberculosis symptom
Baton ___
Overcharge or scoop out
An instrument for measuring
What a mummy is wrapped in

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