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ClueWordNext Instruction
The current Vice President of the USAJumble the letters
Asleep (2 words)Add a letter
Innate, hardwired or inheritedJumble the letters
Type of 3-ringed notebookChange a letter
Burnable substance used for kindlingChange a letter
Very caring or lovingDelete a letter
To have, in SpanishChange a letter
The highest male singing voiceChange a letter
Mister, in MadridJumble the letters
Sound one makes during sleepingDelete a letter
Achy and in painChange a letter
ClueWordNext Instruction
'___ Like It Hot'Change a letter
IdenticalChange a letter
Auntie played by Rosalind RussellJumble the letters
A novel by Jane Austen which was the basis for 'Clueless'Add a letter
Actress Arterton of 'Quantum of Solace'Change a letter
Third letter of the Greek alphabetJumble the letters
Semi-molten rockDelete a letter
Common first word of a babyChange a letter
The Crimson Tide, for shortAdd a letter
The current President of the USA

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