Quadruple Word Hourglass: 'Character' Actor

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Can you name the words that add a letter at a time to the central 1-letter words to scramble and make longer words?

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First name of actor who played Pirelli in 'Sweeney Todd'5
Cold, hard money4
___ Na Na: 50's retro group3
A short laugh2
A very good grade1
Egyptian sun god2
A supporter of breasts3
Farm building4
Second name of actor who played Thénardier in 'Les Misérables'5
A reddish brown horse4
Director Howard3
One who often assists and MD2
Kid ___ Play1
Not off2
A long, long time3
Ice cream holder4
Third name of actor who played Jean Girard in 'Talladega Nights'5
Sharpen your skills4
Thomas Anderson, in 'The Matrix'3
Denial word2
Most common blood type1
Common conjunction2
Steal from a house3
'___ on the 4th of July'4
Gay fashion journalist played by above actor5
Give someone a 3rd degree pain4
Caress with your hand3
Symbol for rubidium2
A good grade1
___/GYN, medical speciality2
'Don't tase me, ___'3
A wild pig4
Kazakh journalist played by above actor5

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