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Can you name the words that begin with the letters SEA or TAC?

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SEA- Words
Largest city in Washington state 
Summer or autumn, e.g. 
Scallops, shrimp or mackerel e.g. 
A woman who sews 
A session for communicating with spirits 
Look for 
A material to coat and make watertight 
Roebuck's retail partner 
Chairs, couches and pews, e.g. 
Element with the symbol Sg 
Unpleasant or sordid 
TAC- Words
Third largest city in Washington state 
Dashboard dial measuring engine RPMs 
Implied by action or silence 
Gaudy or cheaply showy 
Take down a wide receiver 
Having a keen sense of how to behave with poise 
A method of employing forces in a conflict 
Filled Mexican shells or tortillas 
Tangible or touchable 
Silent or uninclined to talk 
Theoretical particle that can go faster than light 

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