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Can you name the books that are part of the Old Testament, New Testament or apocrypha from clues for its pieces?

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How to Play Forced Order
Clues for the PiecesBible Book
Paid athlete &
Action words
Strauss of denim fame &
Facial twitch &
Objective form of we
Oklahoma's 'Pore ___ is Daid' &
Article &
Gov't agency that grants numbers (abbr.) &
'WKRP' actress Anderson &
Hamm of 'Mad Men' &
Expression of relief
Actress Dench &
Thorium's symbol
Volt x Coulomb (abbr.) &
Home to Iowa State
Goldfish or cat, e.g. &
Verbal pause syllable
CD-___ &
Solution (abbr.)
Dull to pain &
Hospital wards
Guy's partner &
@ &
Actors Holm and McKellen
'Dial ___ for Murder' &
Corporate 'Ma Bell' &
Chop down
1000 cc (abbr.) &
Hawaiian instrument
Flaky mineral &
Planck's constant
Baseball's DiMaggio &
50, in Rome
Sodium's symbol &
Sing without words
Clues for the PiecesBible Book
Pal or bud &
Around this year (abbr.) &
Apian insects
D + V • C, in Roman numerals &
Noah's vehicle
Nylons &
Form of 'to be' &
Windows 95, e.g.
Witch &
James Clavell's '___-Jin'
Not difficult, to a texter &
Egyptian sun god
Blood type &
Gem weight units (abbr)
Upsilon follower &
Citrus fruit
3rd person pronoun &
Makes beer or tea
Fro's partner &
Digital data unit
Note to follow La &
Infested with flying insects
___ fide (in bad faith) &
Vital energy in Eastern cultures
Letter afterthought &
Money for the poor
Functional DNA fragment &
Bro's sibling
Dirty-sounding bird &
Home to Wash., D.C.
Approximate (abbr.) &
One of LBJ's dogs

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