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_E_A_AUS state that's home to Reno
_E_A_EA period of ten years
_E_A_IOther name of Mt. McKinley
_E_A_OItalian frozen dessert
_E_A _UFrench for 'already seen'
_E_E_AFormer currency of Spain
_E_E_EWorship or famed patriot Paul
_E_E_IA person from Sana'a
_E_E_OA common legal adverb
_E_E_UFrench prisoner on 'Hogan's Heroes'
_E_I_AHoly city in Saudi Arabia
_E_I_EBritish Honduras, nowadays
_E_I_ITwins, on the zodiac
_E_I_OCountry that borders Arizona and California
_E_I_UProduction company behind 'I Love Lucy'
_E_O_AFish that adheres to other fish
_E_O_EAll of the traits carried by an organism's DNA
_E_O_INancy who was US Speaker of the House
_E_O_OOld Chrysler brand named for explorer Hernando
_E_O_UThe easternmost province of Solomon Islands*
_E_U_AThe most famous of the Gorgons
_E_U_IFamed 20th century violinist Menuhin*
_E_U_OMusic group that once featured Ricky Martin
_E_U_UThe language and people of Andhra Pradesh*

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