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Clue4-Letter Word
⚐ 3rd Vice President of the US (1801-1805) Aaron ⚐
A city or town, from the German
A stopper in a hole in a cask
DreamWorks' '___ Fu Panda'
⚐ 13th Vice President of the US (1853) William ⚐
Gentle or sympathetically nice
Come upon by searching
Affectionate or loving
⚐ 40th Vice President of the US (1973-1974) Gerald ⚐
Tined eating utensil
TV Alien who lived with Mindy
One of the Gospels
Movie with Cher and Eric Stoltz
Animal-based odor substance
Clue4-Letter Word
'John Tucker ___ Die'
Tame a bronco
⚐ 43rd Vice President of the US (1981-1989) George ⚐
Conservative radio host Limbaugh
JFK and LBJ's Secretary of State Dean
'From ___ till Dawn'
Dip bread into your soup
Unpleasantly moist
'The ___ Knight Rises'
Listen or pay close attention to
Angelic instrument
John Irving's 'The World According to ___'
A term for a legume-based trail mix
⚐ 45th Vice President of the US (1993-2001) Al ⚐

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