Triple Word Hourglass: Elements

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Can you name the words that add a letter at a time to the central 1-letter words to scramble and make longer words?

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Non-metal, element number 55
Blessing or benefit4
___ Hill: San Francisco neighborhood3
'___ the Waterfront'2
Most common blood type1
Common conjunction2
Canoe propeller 3
A reddish colored horse4
Noble gas, element number 185
Italian river4
A year, in Spanish3
The symbol for sodium 2
It's 90 degrees from E or W1
Hospital worker (abbr.)2
Tried to gain political office3
Screenwriter-director Ephron4
Noble gas, element number 865
Actor Michael who played Worf4
Assent with your head3
Take too many drugs2
Element above S on the periodic table 1
Michael Jackson's Captain ___2
Keanu, in 'The Matrix'3
'And then there were ___ ...'4
Noble gas, element number 545

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