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Can you name the 4-letter words that if you add an 'O' at the beginning you get a 5-letter word?

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5-Letter ClueO + Answer4-Letter Clue
Desert water spotWith faults (2 wds.)
Reddish earth pigmentSinger of 'Believe'
Taking too many pillsDent on a car door
Tapered endDonate
Martini garnishNot taped
Final Greek letterMetric prefix
60s geometric visual movement (2 wds.)Fraction of the whole
State your feelingsAn evergreen
Ape of BorneoChimed a bell
5-Letter ClueO + Answer4-Letter Clue
Give a speechChange over time
A bay windowCambodian currency
Missouri native tribeSavory spice
Academy AwardA bolt, for Harry Potter
Egg-holding organDeviate or change
In the openGreen, in France
Sheep-relatedA grape plant
Like a squished circleVast emptyness
O₃Region or area

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