'T' Words that End A-Z

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Can you name the 'T' Words that end in the letters A through Z given its length and a clue?

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Clue (Length)T-WordEnding Letter
Maguro, in sushi (4)A
A finger (5)B
A slip-on sleeveless garment (5)C
A three-footed camera support (6)D
1, in binary logic (4)E
A duty on exported goods (6)F
A skimpy male bathing suit (5)G
Yellow Jackets' home Georgia ___ (4)H
Island of French Polynesia (6)I
Indian landmark, ___ Mahal (3)J
An elephant's proboscis (5)K
It gets wetter the more it dries (5)L
Boredom or dullness (6)M
Clue (Length)T-WordEnding Letter
A rose's prickle (5)N
The core of a cigarette (7)O
A mustard family root vegetable (6)P
Former Iraqi foreign minister Aziz (5)Q
One who helps you with your studies (5)R
What a PhD student must write (6)S
A deck for making fortunes (5)T
Processed soy curd (4)U
Author Ivan of 'Fathers and Sons' (8)V
Toss a ball (5)W
A body's central part (6)X
A bit drunk (5)Y
A yellowish gemstone (5)Z

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