5-Letter Ends in 'N'

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Can you name the 5-letter words from clues that end in N and start A to Z?

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5-Letter WordClue
AThe start of an oak tree
BLowest peerage member
COft used Indian spice
DType of French mustard
ETV show host Degeneres
FAn upsidedown smile
GThe color of envy
HHomo sapiens
I'Hedda Gabler' playwright Henrik
JHome to Kyoto and Tokyo
KIslamic holy book
LYellow citrus
MRelative of an imbecile
5-Letter WordClue
NPantyhose material
OChurch service instrument
PRussian President Vladimir
QKing's mate
RSculptor of 'The Thinker'
SA beer mug
TBiting boxer Mike
URelating to the city
VA female fox
WVehicle in 'Oregon Trail'
XNoble gas
YMiddle eastern country
ZFamous conductor Mehta

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