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Can you name the words that are all OSCAR plus one specified letter from clues?

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6-Letter WordClue
B +Hooded snakes
B +Pods used as chocolate substitutes
E +Rough
K +Makes frog sounds
L +Reef bits
L +Silent Night and Joy to the World, e.g.
L +___ the Jackal: famed terrorist
M +Sets of preset computer instructions
M +Ferdinand who led the Philippines
N +Squirrel snacks
N +Johnny who preceeded Jay Leno
S +Clue section that goes with 'Down'
T +Natives of Zagreb
T +Fidel who led Cuba
T +Mel Gibson to Danny Glover, in 'Lethal Weapon'
T +Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, in 'Lethal Weapon'
T +Pollux's twin
U +Famed tenor Enrico

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