Take My T and My Tail

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Can you name the words that start with T & end A to Z, that become a new word when the T and final letter are removed?

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T+ ClueAnswerClue after Losing Head T and Tail
(T_A) Louise's movie title partnerApparatus for steering a ship
(T_B) Opposable fingerA droning sound
(T_C) A long flowing garmentA college for short, in the UK
(T_D) A woolen coat fabricTeensy
(T_E) A reaction to make molten ironA recluse
(T_F) BurglarTo go quickly
(T_G) The ___ of the ShrewDespot Idi
(T_H) A flashlight, in the UKEnemy of a hobbit or dwarf
(T_I) Ice cream with rum, almonds and cherriesRandy of the WWE
(T_K) An elephant's appendageBleed, like dyed cloth
(T_L) Small gardening toolMike who hosted 'Dirty Jobs'
(T_M) Government under Russian autocratsDraped garments for Indian women
(T_N) A pub or barTo declare positively
(T_O) A hybrid fruitOne with a halo
(T_P) A cavalry unitKanga's son
(T_R) One who interferes withA unit of current
(T_S) Not deserving of faith or confidenceSteals cattle
(T_T) Had an ideaJulianne of 'Dancing with the Stars'
(T_U) Bean curdRelating to or about
(T_W) MeltA short laugh
(T_X) Body portion between neck and abdomenAn Israeli circle dance
(T_Y) Evil-doing or violation of confidenceTom Cruise's 'Jack ___'
(T_Z) Gemstone that's 8 on the Mohs ScaleA Greek exclamation

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