Take My P and My Tail

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Can you name the words that start with P & end A to Z, that become a new word when the P and final letter are removed?

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P+ ClueAnswerClue after Losing Head P and Tail
(P_A) The external portion of the earA lodging places for travelers
(P_B) 'All that glitters is not gold,' for exampleCommon name for a dog
(P_C) 3.26 lightyearsA bum, in Britain
(P_D) Scott Turow's '___ Innocent'List of your career achievements
(P_E) Drop precipitiouslyBreathing organ
(P_F) Measure of alcholic strengthHopping friend of Pooh
(P_G) Expressing favorable judgements onA dried grape
(P_H) An outcastAn operatic solo
(P_I) Male sex organsA long walkway with doors
(P_K) A mischeivous act or trickDid a marathon
(P_L) To drive forwardA thick cord
(P_M) A sacred song or poemActor Mineo of 'Rebel without a Cause'
(P_N) Round typewriter surfaceNot on time
(P_O) Magician's wordTake it easy
(P_P) Arrange one's attire and look carefullyThe edge
(P_R) Two-dimensionalTurner, the sex symbol actress
(P_S) The optimist in Candide'White people,' vis-à-vis Latinos
(P_T) Having the worst complexionInfers or suggests
(P_U) Oceanic country near MicronesiaState between Miss. and Ga.
(P_V) One who likes sexual oddities, for shortClooney/Edwards medical show
(P_W) Move snow out of the wayBehold's partner
(P_X) Battle weapon with a spike opposite the bladeOils, usually from olives
(P_Y) A cotton fabric with colorful patternsWhat the bride walks down
(P_Z) A stupid personThe old form of the note 'do'

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