Take My D and My Tail

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Can you name the words that start with D & end A to Z, that become a new word when the D and final letter are removed?

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D+ ClueAnswerClue after Losing Head D and Tail
(D_A) Greg's wife in the title of a TV sitcomDo damage to
(D_B) Relative of a nerdVery small
(D_C) English physicist PaulGeorge Gershwin's brother
(D_D) Duchovny of 'The X-File'Movie file format
(D_E) Prepare a fish for cookingBlack, to a poet
(D_F) Gimli or Thorin Oakenshield, e.g.An epic battle
(D_G) A golf hole with a bent fairwayMake eyes at
(D_H) Like someone from CopenhagenBlack cuckoos
(D_I) Benjamin who was a UK PMCountry where Tel Aviv is
(D_K) Enemy of Doctor WhoA type of beer
(D_L) Stupid, empty talkTear up into pieces
(D_M) Sleepy-time imaginationActor Stephen of 'The Crying Game'
(D_N) Timothy who played James BondA high voice
(D_O) FDR's middle nameEnthusiasm
(D_P) SagHopping character from A.A. Milne
(D_R) A file, like on a case or a spyActor Davis of 'Do the Right Thing'
(D_S) Quality of the simplest friend of Snow WhiteExpresses ones personal feelings
(D_T) A period of lacking waterHaving an uneven surface
(D_U) God, to FrançoisRelative of 'e.g.'
(D_V) 554, to Caesar2011 French Open winner Na
(D_W) A boat of Arabic originIt can follow tally or heave
(D_X) Get clean from alcohol or drugsGetting a payload up to a space station
(D_Y) Marked by delicateness and graceA slangy contraction
(D_Z) An inane or forgetful personStephen King's novel about a scary clown

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