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Can you name the words that start with C & end A to Z, that become a new word when the C and final letter are removed?

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C+ ClueAnswerClue after Losing Head C and Tail
(C_A) A volcanic craterA tree related to the birch
(C_B) A small bit of breadAlcohol from fermented cane sugar
(C_C) Traditional and enduringIndian yogurt-based drink
(C_D) Nimbus or stratus, e.g.Reed who sang 'Walk on the Wild Side'
(C_E) Mandarin or Szechuan, e.g.Cheryl of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
(C_F) An Islamic spiritual headBoxing's 'The Greatest'
(C_G) Writing of computer programsChief Norse god
(C_H) Sophisticated or polishedWhat catching a pop fly results in
(C_I) T-Boz and Left Eye's TLC partnerA raised landmass
(C_K) A large piece of somethingAttila, for example
(C_L) Merry-go-roundExcite
(C_M) A gorgeOwns
(C_N) Punish or subdueSwiftness
(C_O) A Roman statesman and oratorOne who frosts a cake
(C_P) The victor, for shortMeat from a pig
(C_Q) Five, in FrenchStylish
(C_R) Matthew Perry, on 'Friends'CBer's nickname
(C_S) The evergreen treeBelgian town home to WWI battles
(C_T) Like quantities that change relatedly in mathRelating to a female egg storage organ
(C_U) Jorge who played in the MLBInsect that lives in a colony
(C_W) An edible nutArthur of tennis fame
(C_X) Sexual culminationCapital of Peru
(C_Y) A red stone fruitMister, in German
(C_Z) A printed cotton fabricA clue

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