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Can you name the the famous people, things and phrases with 'Grant' in them?

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ClueGrant Thingie
The 18th president of the United States
Actor, born Archibald Leach, who appeared in 'North by Northwest'
Classic 'easy' question from 'You Bet Your Life'
Singer of 'Electric Avenue'
Like one of 106 universities including Cornell, Ohio State or Rutgers
Actress who won a supporting actress Oscar for 'Shampoo'
Actor who played Miles Silverberg on 'Murphy Brown'
NHL Hall-of-Famer and 1980's goalie for the Oilers
Character played on two different series by Ed Asner
The actor who played the eldest son on 'Eight is Enough'
Actor from 'About a Boy' and 'American Dreamz'
What a genie will do if you rub its lamp
Christian singer married to Vince Gill
He played Jake on 'Melrose Place'
The movie star on 'Gilligan's Island'
Duke star who went on to play for the Pistons and Magic

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