States with Female Senators

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Can you name the US States from the women they have had serve in the US Senate?

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Women (Term)State
Hillary Rodham Clinton (2001-2009)
Kristen Gillibrand (2009-Present)
Dianne Feinstein (1992-Present)
Barbara Boxer (1993-Present)
Hattie Wyatt Caraway (1931-45)
Blanche Lincoln (1999-2011)
Elizabeth Warren (2013- Present)
Gladys Pyle (1938-39)
Vera Cahlan Bushfield (1948)
Eva Kelly Bowring (1954)
Hazel Hempel Abel (1954)
Deb Fischer (2013-Present)
Maurine Brown Neuberger (1960-67)
Muriel Humphrey (1978)
Amy Klobuchar (2007-Present)
Nancy Kassebaum (1978-1997)
Sheila Frahm (1996)
Paula Hawkins (1981-87)
Barbara Mikulski (1987-Present)
Jocelyn Burdick (1992)
Heidi Heitkamp (2013-Present)
Carol Moseley Braun (1993-1999)
Rose McConnell Long (1935-37)
Elaine S. Edwards (1972)
Mary Landrieu (1997-2015)
Women (Term)State
Patty Murray (1993-Present)
Maria Cantwell (2001-Present)
Margaret Chase Smith (1949-1973)
Olympia Snowe (1995-2013)
Susan Collins (1997-Present)
Kay Bailey Hutchison (1993-2013)
Debbie Stabenow (2001-Present)
Jean Carnahan (2001-02)
Claire McCaskill (2007-Present)
Lisa Murkowski (2003-Present)
Dixie Bibb Graves (1937-38)
Maryon Allen (1978)
Elizabeth Dole (2003-09)
Kay Hagan (2009-2015)
Jeanne Shaheen (2009-Present)
Kelly Ayotte (2011-Present)
Rebecca Latimer Felton (1922)
Tammy Baldwin (2013-Present)
Mazie Hirono (2013-Present)
Joni Ernst (2015-Present)
Shelley Moore Capito (2015-Present)

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