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Can you name the movies given an actor and a year AND a word or phrase the whole movie anagrams into?

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EXAMPLE: Jake Gyllenhaal (1999) "ROCKET BOYS" would give "October Sky"
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Actor (Year)MovieScrambled Movie
Tippi Hedren (1964)AIRMEN
Min-sik Choi (2003)BLOODY
Brad Pitt (2000)CHANTS
Sandra Bullock (2004)CHARS
John Cusack (1997)CRANIO*
Will Smith (2007)DEMI-ANGEL*
Frances McDormand (1996)GO FAR
Patrick Swayze (1990)GOTHS
Clive Owen (2006)INDAMINES*
Charlie Chaplin (1921)KITHED*
Zach Galligan (1984)MINGLERS
Massimo Troisi (1994)POSTILION*
Bill Pullman (1995)RECAPS
Kurt Russell (2004)RECLAIM
Mo'Nique (2009)RICE SOUP
Naomi Watts (2002)RIGHTEN*
Sigourney Weaver (1986)SALINE
Owen Wilson (2006)SCAR
Arnold Schwarzenegger (1996)SEARER
Nicolas Cage (2007)SHORTRIDGE*
Hugh Jackman (2011)TEA-SELLER*
Mel Gibson (1990)THELMA
Robert Redford (1973)TIGHTENS*
Phillip Seymour Hoffman (2005)TOE-CAP

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