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Can you name the things that contain URU from clues that start with G?

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PatternURU wordG-Clue
U R U _ _ _ _Guaraní people first named and populated this South American country
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ U R U _    _ _ _Giant dinosaur that terrorized in 'Jurassic Park'
_ _ U R UGaddafi and Garvey embraced this Pan-Africanism movement which is Swahili for 'freedom'
_ _ _ _ _ U R U _General reference book first created by Roget
_ _ U R U _Gemini preceder
_ _ U R UGuano-rich island nation of Oceania
_ U R UGajdusek won the Nobel prize for studying this prion-based disease
_ U R U _ _ _German colony that became the African country that's home to Bujumbura
_ U R U _Gold, in Latin
U R U _ - _ _ _Greatly advanced orcs that serve Saruman in Lord of the Rings
_ _ _ _ U R U _Giant star that is the brightest in Boötes or Regulus Black's middle name
_ _ U R UGargantuan sandstone formation in Australia also known as Ayers Rock

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