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Can you name the redundant acronyms where people often repeat the final word(s) of the acronym redundantly?

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This quiz was Hejman's idea and I thank him profusely for letting me make it.
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ClueAcronymRedundant Word(s)
When I plug this into the wall it will now have ___Current
I need to get some money out of the ___Machine
And to do that I had to type in my ___Number
If you have AIDS, you have the ___Virus
I'm saving money for once I stop working with an ___Account
My school has all the computers connected via a ___Network
My digital watch shows the numbers on its __Display
The check out person took each of my groceries to scan the ___Code
The USSR and the US discussed arms control during the ___Talks
Michael's brother on 'Arrested Development' is ___Bluth
I was searching for a text to read on Amazon by looking up its __Number
Oil producers, like Saudi Arabia and Venezuela are both ___Countries
To prepare for college in the US, in HS I took the ___Test
'You're going to like us' was the motto of ___Airlines
On this stolen car, someone had obliterated the __Number
In the UK, most goods and services have a ___Tax
The NY Giants play in the ___Conference
My image files are all in a ___Format
The astronauts landed on the moon in their ___Module
My family has always had a Mac as its ___Computer
Since 2002, Switzerland has been one of the ___Nations
Mitt Romney was the nominee in 2012 for the ___Party
To get into a PhD Program, I took the ___Exam
I need to upgrade my computer and get some more ___Memory
My old computer used a ___Operating System
The graphics student uses his Mac to do ___Design
I can see Wolf Blitzer tell me what's going on in the world when I watch ___Network
I have to be careful with my credit card because it has a very high ___Rate
I can make webpages because I'm able to write in ___Language
My remote controlled car uses an ___Frequency

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