R2-D(elete)2: The Return of the Jedi

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Can you name the 5-letter words that have a second letter R, that make another word when the R is removed?

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_R___ Clue (5-Letter)AnswerR-less Clue (4-Letter)
Actor Alan of 'Little Miss Sunshine'Similar or related
Nerdiest kid on 'Head of the Class'Eager or enthusiastic
An alloy of copper and zincStringed instrument larger than a cello
European freshwater fishA ray of light
Salty waterA twisting stem or shoot
Relative of a streamA tome
Gross and undignifiedMama of 'The Mamas and the Papas'
A person from ZagrebA warm winter covering
A childhood disease with much coughingA military takeover
Rubbish or trashWhat gets swabbed on the ship
Humorous in a whimsical wayBarbie or Ken, e.g.
Gloomy dismalnessWord to open a letter
Weak or fragileGet a grade below a D
An ornamental decorationPut in as much as you can
A bit of fernAffectionate or loving
Clasp with your fingersCatch your breath loudly
Like one from AthensA nerd
A dozen dozensPorter who lead the CIA
Tim who created the show 'Heroes'Mate of a queen
Famous financial advisor SuzeMideastern nation with the capital Muscat
Groom ones feathersThe rounded part of a hammer
Compound that causes Mad Cow diseaseThe lightest meson
A measure of alcohol in drinksThe sound of a disappearance
Partner of a trickUdder outlet
One who attemptsA layer, like on a cake
What an American calls a lorryFriar friend of Robin Hood
IncorrectB.D. of Law & Order: SVU

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