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Can you name the answer to these questions that people commonly answer incorrectly?

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Name the capital city of Canada.
In the Catholic church, the immaculate conception refers to the sin-free birth of this person.
Name Angelina Jolie's husband other than Jonny Lee Miller
Name the highest altitude US State capital.
Name the first name of the person referred to in 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume?'
Name the city that baseball's Braves first began play in.
Name the country that is the origin of the Panama hat.
Name the chemical element comes last in an alphabetical listing of elements.
Name the 'Charlie's Angels' actress who was in all 5 seasons.
Name the director of the movie 'Aliens.'
Name the very famous father of Indira Gandhi.
Name the living creature that the Canary Islands are named after.
Name the category in which Winston Churchill won his Nobel Prize.
Name any of the three cities that are capitals of South Africa.
Name the only country named after an element.
Name either US President that was impeached while in office.
Name the author of the literary classic 'The Invisible Man.'
Name the language spoken by the most people in Belgium.
Name the only planet in the solar system named after a Greek god.
Name the common animals that catgut strings are made from.
This is the number of members in the band Ben Folds Five.
Name the person Romeo kills first in 'Romeo and Juliet.'
Name the month during which Oktoberfest begins.
Name the US State that has its capital in Charleston.
Give King George VI of England's first name.

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