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Can you name the following questions about Katniss from 'The Hunger Games' series?

Featured Feb 15, 2012

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What Katniss is named after
Actress who plays Katniss
First book she appears in
Author of the Book(s)
Second book in the series
Name of country she lives in
District that is her home
Industry of her home district
Weapon of choice
Hair color
Eye color
Age at the start of the books
Mother's Job
How her father died
Her hunting partner
His nickname for her
Black market where she trades
Number of Hunger Games at the start
Number of times her name was entered
District escort who announces the names
Name of the event for picking tributes
Female who was picked as the tribute
Relation to Katniss
Katniss' Hunger Games mentor
Male district tribute
Katniss' stylist
Pin she wears in the arena
Girl who gave her the pin
Member of Katniss' Prep Team
Member of Katniss' Prep Team
Member of Katniss' Prep Team
Score Katniss gets from the Gamemakers
Her nickname during the Hunger Games
Her favorite food (in Capitol)
Katniss' favorite color

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