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Can you name the president who had an oath administered by the given judge?

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How to Play Forced Order
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Oath AdminsitratorExample President
Morrison R. Waite
Chief Justice
Roger B. Taney
Chief Justice
Salmon P. Chase
Chief Justice
Warren E. Burger
Chief Justice
Sarah T. Hughes
District Judge of N. Texas
John R. Hazel
District Judge of Western NY
Earl Warren
Chief Justice
Charles E. Hughes
Chief Justice
William Rehnquist
Chief Justice
John R. Brady
Justice of NY Supreme Court
William H. Taft
Chief Justice
Oath AdminsitratorExample President
John Roberts
Chief Justice
Melville W. Fuller
Chief Justice
Harlan F. Stone
Chief Justice
William Cushing
Associate Justice
John Marshall
Chief Justice
Edward D. White
Chief Justice
William Cranch
Chief Circuit Court Judge
Robert Livingston
Chancellor of NY
Frederick Vinson
Chief Justice
Oliver Ellsworth
Chief Justice
John C. Coolidge
Notary public

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