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Can you name the words that all contain the letters MORE in order from a clue and the pattern?

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US President Millard____MORE
An edible fungusMORE_
A desert of marshmallow and chocolate_'MORE
Heavily fortified, like the outside of a military tank__MORE_
Cheerful and well-natured____-__MORE_
A second year student_____MORE
A type of military mine used since the 1960s____MORE
The largest city in Maryland_____MORE
Acting family with Ethel, Lionel and Drew_____MORE
Lawrence ___ National Laboratory_____MORE
Ritchie who was a founding member of Deep Purple_____MORE
Musican who joined Ryan Lewis on 'Thrift Shop'______MORE
General who commanded the US forces in Vietnam____MORE____
A North American tree or European maple____MORE
Last name of Lorelai and Rory on a CW/WB comedy-drama___MORE
Appliance company or a square near Fenway Park in Boston___MORE
Kentucky State college in the Ohio Valley conferenceMORE____
Actress Rita who was the first to earn an EGOTMORE__
Being in love___MORE_
Mount in South Dakota and a Wes Anderson film____MORE
College in Saratoga Springs, NY____MORE
'Last of the Mohicans' author's middle name____MORE
Band featuring Hayley Williams____MORE
Grady who played for the Cleveland Indians____MORE
Liberal arts college near Philadelphia______MORE
Actor James who starred in 'Give 'Em Hell, Harry'____MORE
All-male historically black college in AtlantaMORE_____
Leonard who wrote 'Get Shorty'__MORE
Like someone from the country where Dili is__MORE__
A cherub_MORE___

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