3 Vowels: 1 Consonant (Hard)

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Can you name the difficult 4-letter words that contain just one consonant but 3 vowels?

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Clue4-Letter Word
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan
Charlie Chaplin's wife O'Neill
Award for off-broadway plays
Herman Melville's sequel to 'Typee'
American athletic shoe brand
Island territory of New Zealand
Basque sport: jai ____
Antioxidant fruit palm
Main organic component of piss
Pâté de ___ gras: goose liver pate
A Celebes ox
Mozart's '___ Kleine Nachtmusik'
In the place of: in ___ of
Siouan tribe related to Iowa and Missouri
Bones of the pelvis
Peter Fonda's beekeeping character
A man devoted to sexual pleasure
A hodgepodge or mixture
Second largest Hawaiian island
Soul artist india.___
Clue4-Letter Word
A pout or grimace
Mother of Hermes and one of the Pleiades
Banquet with boar and hula dances
A dock or landing on a waterway
Ron Howard's Mayberry moppet
Author of 'The Clan of the Cave Bear'
Island of the Inner Hebrides
Actor Scott of 'Charles in Charge'
A curved molding
River and department in northern France
Town and valley in Ventura County, CA
The Hawaiian honeycreeper
'A Death in the Family ' author James
God, to the French
A sewing notions case
Pigmented layer of the eye
US gov't group that watches hurricanes
Part of the small intestine
Scottish fiction/sci fi writer Banks
Nichols' play '___'s Irish Rose'

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