3 Vowels: 1 Consonant (Hard)

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Can you name the difficult 4-letter words that contain just one consonant but 3 vowels?

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Clue4-Letter Word
Ron Howard's Mayberry moppet
A curved molding
Mozart's '___ Kleine Nachtmusik'
Scottish fiction/sci fi writer Banks
American athletic shoe brand
Main organic component of piss
Peter Fonda's beekeeping character
'A Death in the Family ' author James
A Celebes ox
Second largest Hawaiian island
God, to the French
Town and valley in Ventura County, CA
A man devoted to sexual pleasure
Island territory of New Zealand
Mother of Hermes and one of the Pleiades
A sewing notions case
Island of the Inner Hebrides
Antioxidant fruit palm
'On the Waterfront' director Kazan
A pout or grimace
Clue4-Letter Word
Pigmented layer of the eye
A dock or landing on a waterway
Charlie Chaplin's wife O'Neill
Part of the small intestine
Actor Scott of 'Charles in Charge'
A hodgepodge or mixture
Siouan tribe related to Iowa and Missouri
US gov't group that watches hurricanes
Herman Melville's sequel to 'Typee'
Bones of the pelvis
Author of 'The Clan of the Cave Bear'
Soul artist india.___
River and department in northern France
Banquet with boar and hula dances
Award for off-broadway plays
Nichols' play '___'s Irish Rose'
Pâté de ___ gras: goose liver pate
The Hawaiian honeycreeper
In the place of: in ___ of
Basque sport: jai ____

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