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Updated Feb 3, 2012

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Clue4-Letter Word
With [Rung 12] and [Rung 27], an expression meaning quickly and continuously1
Grains on the beach2
Transmit or mail3
Mind the flock4
Section of a cash register till5
Golfers' needs6
Very, in Versailles7
Greek god of war8
Fruity summer drinks9
Poems on skylarks and Grecian urns10
Central European river11
With [Rung 1] and [Rung 27], an expression meaning quickly and continuously12
Kitchen baking locale13
Having a tie score14
Steve Carell's '___ Almighty'15
Vigorous enthusiasm16
A Spanish custardy dessert17
Two-stroke drumbeat18
Cappuccino topper19
Printed document with blanks to fill in20
What golfers yell as a warning21
Donned a day ago22
To send a telegram23
Sagacious or smart24
Brand of laundry detergent25
MLB Hall of Fame catcher Carlton26
With [Rung 1] and [Rung 12], an expression meaning quickly and continuously27

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