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Can you name the following words that begin with 'MAR'?

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Patron deity of Babylon
'Life of Pi' author Yann
Yankees' closer Rivera
American basketballer Stephon
Large Moroccan city
With 'La,' French national anthem
Large Venezuelan lake and city
Mathematican known for probability 'chains'
A sauce of mushrooms, tomatoes and olives
An African xylophone
'30 Rock's' Jenna
Edible yeast extract
South American monkey
French writer Duras
A strict disciplinarian
Actress Henner of 'Taxi'
Agatha Christie's Jane
Northern ___ Islands
Sign over a theatre entrance
Jolliet's exploration partner
Actor James of 'Buffy' and 'Angel'
Victim of Charlotte Corday
Game show host Wink
Hitchcock film
WWI battle site and Seine tributary
Nobleman between duke and earl
Location of season 4 of Survivor
Rodent similar to the woodchuck
Small character in 'Hamlet'
Fortified wine used in cooking
Genetic disorder of the connective tissue
A tree-living weasel

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