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Can you name the following words and phrases that begin with 'MAR'?

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Butterfly, in Madrid
Relative of oregano
Sweet jelly with fruit rind
Radio pioneer Guglielmo
Robin Hood's love
Trump's Maples
Shakespeare contemporary
Cigarette brand
Second largest city in France
The ability to shoot a target
Comic strip dog on the big screen in 2010
Argentinian football great Diego
Former Finnish currency
'Law & Order:SVU' actress Hargitay
Wife of Louis XVI
Place for mooring boats
South Park's Stan
Mexican street band
Last of the 5 'Good Emperors'
Peppermint Patty's pal
Shrove Tuesday
Composer Hamlisch with an EGOT
Undefeated boxer Rocky
French West Indian island
Often ceremonial parade leader
A person who sacrifices their life
Oscar-winning actress Matlin
Atlanta, Georgia suburb
World-famous mime
Swimming pool game

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