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Can you name the words that end in the letter 'M' and start with A through Z?

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Letter__M WordClue (Length)
AClearing throat noise (4)
BSweeping tool (5)
CDeep cleft or gorge (5)
DBlue jeans material (5)
EPrepare a body for burial (6)
FA meeting place for open discussion (5)
GDejection or lowness of spirit (5)
HA sultan's collection of wives (5)
IReligion of Muhammad (5)
JNautical partner to flotsam (6)
KThe sound that a bomb makes (6)
LA sandy, silty soil (4)
MDevice to connect a computer via phone (5)
Letter__M WordClue (Length)
NJelly in an incendiary bomb (6)
OStrong hatred (5)
PA bender of light that makes rainbows (5)
QScruple or misgiving (5)
RWhat gets paid to the kidnappers (6)
SAbnormal muscle contraction (5)
TLike a bicycle built for two (6)
UE pluribus ___ (4)
VSound of a motor engine (5)
WAnnelid used for bait (4)
XVascular tubes in a tree with the phloem (5)
YLi'l Abner's last name (5)
ZFocus in closer (4)

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