'ET' Tu, Brute?

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Can you name the word that sounds like a little version of some word made by adding 'ET' to the end?

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Cute clue: based on adding 'ET' to itAnswerClue for the real word with 'ET' Ending
A little fishFloor covering
A little pepper grinderA grain
A little 'Loser' singerArchbishop of Canterbury
A little winning card 'suit'Brass instrument
A little bit of hairNecklace bauble
A little rudder controllerBasinet or casque, e.g.
A little string instrumentPurple
A little foot coveringElectrical outlet
A little former German capitalEaster hat
A little candle stringCroquet arch
A little kernel veggieBrass instrument
A little director MeyerReddish brown
A little talentFrying pan
A little former Utah senator JakeRed gem
A little mystical 'Lost' openingAxe
A little animal odorOld gun
A little male cattleAmmo
A little neck painInsect
A little male deerWater holder
A little hand warmerLittle Miss of rhyme
Cute clue: based on adding 'ET' to itAnswerClue for the real word with 'ET' Ending
A little blemishGrocery store
A little temp summer employeeWorld Wide Web
A little facial markBilliards target
A little energetic or quickChest cut of beef
A little car lifterNehru, e.g.
A little car noisemakerStinging insect
A little boat slipCourtroom slate
A little little arachnidAdmission certificate
To work hard a littleLoo
To relax in the sun a littleEaster receptacle
A little forest abodeKitchen storage unit
A little collection of shopsHammer
A little empty spaceBed covering
A little stoneTitan, e.g.
A little container for wineCoffin
A little dentist toolA fence portion
A little actor MartinBad haircut
A little low voiceType of hound
A little strategyMars, e.g.
A little shelfTennis need

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