Literature that Starts with J or K

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Can you name the possible works of literature by these authors that start with the letter J or K?

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Note: J and K are combined together. The authors are labeled if they have a J novel, a K novel or both to choose from.
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Author'J' or 'K' Book
Toni Morrison (J)
Marquis de Sade (J)
Sue Grafton (JK)
Séan O'Casey (JK)
Upton Sinclair (J)
Manuel Puig (K)
Rudyard Kipling (K)
Robert Louis Stevenson (K)
Roald Dahl (J)
Ralph Ellison (J)
James Patterson (JK)
H. Rider Haggard (K)
Charlotte Brontë (J)
Author'J' or 'K' Book
Jules Verne (JK)
Khaled Hosseini (K)
Samuel Beckett (K)
William Shakespeare (JK)
Thor Heyerdahl (K)
Louisa May Alcott (J)
Michael Crichton (J)
Alex Comfort (JK)
Jeffrey Archer (K)
Richard Bach (J)
Peter Benchley (J)
Thomas Hardy (J)
Chris Van Allsburg (J)

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