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Can you name the words that sounds like smaller words once 'LET' has been added to their ends?

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Cute clue: based on adding 'LET' to itWordReal clue for 'LET' word
A little sailorChalice
A little weight of an H atomA charm or magical medallion
A little pig meatShakespeare play
Little son of Homer SimpsonThe 'West Wing' president
A little male catKind of gravy from innards
A little government takeoverA pair of lines of verse
A little scissors resultA small slice of meat
Belt out a little tuneAn undershirt
A little hoagieRent out your apartment
A little diet sodaA pill form
A little clasp or fastenerArm jewelry
A little vacationOne of three identical children
A little bit skinnyGlove for armor
A little wound reminderRed color
A little friendA portable platform

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