A-Z: Jumble Pairs 2

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Can you name the 4-letter words that you can add A-Z to and then jumble to make a set of 5-letter words?

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New LetterWordClue
A +Sonny's singing partner
B +Fiery gemstone
C +Convey
D +Printer ink color
E +Processed grain
F +City in Nevada
G +Metallic element
H +Italian carmaker
I +Picked a card
J +Wander
K +Napoleon's exile locale
L +Italian capital
M +Online shopping site
N +Trail snack
O +Young horse
P +Palm tree fruit
Q +Animal fat
R +Flinstones' pet
S +Swiss artist Paul
T +'Hairy' pet
U +'Copacabana' villain
V +Blackthorn fruit
W +Vivacious
X +Actress Blanchett
Y +Italian volcano
Z +Unclothed
New LetterWordClue
Jumble →Arrive at
Jumble →Artist Picasso
Jumble →Solo + trio + quartet
Jumble →Payday or Rolo, e.g.
Jumble →Li'l comic character
Jumble →Old AC coolant
Jumble →A Beatle
Jumble →Singer Hill
Jumble →Strange
Jumble →US Army rank
Jumble →Actress Lively
Jumble →Type of mushroom
Jumble →Perhaps
Jumble →Outlet filler
Jumble →Mentally distant
Jumble →Proficient or expert
Jumble →Chivalrous pursuit
Jumble →'The Thinker' sculptor
Jumble →Glossy or stylish
Jumble →Eye preceder?
Jumble →A decorative object
Jumble →Fill in a crossword
Jumble →Insignificant runt
Jumble →To a tee
Jumble →Busybody
Jumble →Striped animal

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