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Can you name the elements that start with the two letters that are the symbol for a different element?

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Ca (Calcium)
Co (Cobalt)
Ne (Neon)
Ni (Nickel)
Pr (Praseodymium)
Ru (Ruthenium)
Te (Tellurium)
Th (Thorium)
Ar (Argon)
As (Arsenic)
Be (Beryllium)
Ce (Cerium)
Cu (Copper)
Fe (Iron)
Fl (Flerovium)
Ga (Gallium)
Ir (Iridium)
La (Lanthanum)
Li (Lithium)
Pa (Protactinium)
Po (Polonium)
Ra (Radium)
Rh (Rhodium)
Se (Selenium)
Si (Silicon)
Ti (Titanium)

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