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Can you name the things that all start with the letters ASH from a clue?

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ClueASH- Answer
Actress Judd or one of the Olsen twins
Having left the boat via a dock
Actor Kutcher of 'That 70s Show'
Arthur who was the only black man to win singles at Wimbledon
Singer who, along with 'Foolish,' was the first woman to have 3 top ten songs the same week
The chief god of the Assyrians
Former Senator John who served as George W. Bush's Attorney General
The capital of Turkmenistan
A city in western North Carolina
Nickolas who sang 'Solid as a Rock' with Valerie Simpson
A usually Hindu religious retreat
A European Jew who is not Sephardic
Feeling guilty or disgraced
Jessica Simpson's singing sister who married Pete Wentz
A group of 20th century painters who depicted realistic city life
One of the sons of Jacob
Radiating light brightly
The British baron, who along with Daniel Webster, signed a treaty to end the 'Aroostook War' over Maine borders

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