'EAR'thy Words

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Can you name the 5-letter words that contain 'EAR' from clues?

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ClueEAR word
Male facial hair
To dim or blur
Transparent, like glass
Gloomy or dismal
Actor Jackie ___ Haley of 'The Watchmen'
Arriving before the appointed time
3rd rock from the sun
Sensed a sound
Center of the cardiac system
Gain knowledge
Actor Denis of 'Rescue Me'
Actress Anne who partnered with Jerry Stiller
ClueEAR word
A surprise in your oyster
Neil who drums for Rush
Explorer Robert who went to the North Pole
Give guns to again
Roebuck's partner in merchandise
Cut wool off a sheep
Overspread with something viscous
A pointy throwing weapon
Use a curse word
Tired or exhausted
Desire for

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