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Can you name the words that end in the letter 'G' and start with A through Z?

Updated Mar 6, 2015

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Letter__G WordClue (Length)
ANow disgraced cyclist Lance (9)
BCapital of China (7)
CTop surface of a room (7)
DFavorite or dearly loved (7)
EIt dangles from a lobe (7)
F220 yards (7)
GBaseball's Ironman Lou (6)
HAn often salted or smoked fish (7)
IPart of a baseball game (6)
JA two-step jazz couples dance (9)
KEasily combustible material for firestarting (8)
LPossibly suicidal rodent (7)
MRiver in southern Vietnam (6)
Letter__G WordClue (Length)
NNada, nil, zip (7)
OLike a shape stretched in one direction (6)
PA part of an electrical plug (5)
QAn edible clam type (6)
RAn often sweet German wine (8)
SA loose Malay wrapped garment (6)
TA crowd of people (6)
UA marked increase or improvement (7)
VLargest original Brazilian airline (5)
WIncorrect (5)
XFormer Chinese leader Deng (8)
YNot very old (5)
ZHaving a pleasingly plump figure (6)

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