Words That End in 'SS' (A-Z)

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Can you name the words (and one phrase) that start in each letter and end in SS?

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ClueSS Ending Thing
42 Wallaby Way or 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, e.g.A
Hallow or consecreate by religious word or the sign of the crossB
A light stroking or pattingC
Let out, like the students at the end of a classD
A state where things surpass the usual amountsE
A string used for dental cleaningF
An Irish company that produces a stout beerG
Annoy persistently or create a hostile environmentH
An unhealthy condition of the body or mindI
A male donkey or a stupid personJ
Half of XOXOK
Unruly or Lucy who played XenaL
A confused mess or a marshy swampM
To be excessively preoccupied over somethingO
To own or to haunt a houseP
Marked by a lack of proper caution or adventurousR
A very favorable outcome, such as the attainment of wealthS
Commit a sin or go somewhere you're not supposed toT
Remove your clothingU
Like a crime that doesn't seem to specifically hurt any personV
A female server in a restaurantW
The 3rd and lowest segment of the sternum (2 words)X
The quality of having the color of a bananaY
The property of having a lively or piquant flavorZ

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