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Can you name the words that become new words when 'EX' are added to the front of them?

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Fake EX- ClueWordReal EX- Clue
Former section of a playPrecise
Former keyboard keyPraise
Former prayer ending wordA critical study
Former nitrogenous compoundLook at closely
Former word meaning plentyOne that serves as a pattern
Former animation frameBe superior to
Former nickels and dimesTrade one thing for another
Former reference to a footnoteEnergize or stimulate
Former Greek islandDischarge from the body
Former US Patriot NathanBreathe out
Former Fox News host BritDig up a coffin
Former Stephen King clown novelMethod of leaving a building
Former opposite of offRegion of DNA that codes
Former adjective for hearingFrom another country
Former pimpSomething that grows in size
Former brand of shampooA pro with a special mastery
Former toppingless pizzaGive reason for
Former fortified wineSend goods abroad
Former word to ask a questionReveal one's nakedness
Former 16 ouncesExplain in detail
Former Gutenberg's toolTo state in words
Former word to work at a barTo reach out a hand
Former camping shelterThe scope or range
Former sea birdA worker who works at another location
Former highway driving feePraise highly
Former legal wrongdoingObtain by intimidation
Former 'la la' preceederAdditional

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