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Can you name the words that if you add an 'O' at the beginning you get a longer word?

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Longer ClueO + AnswerShorter Clue
A geographic subdivision of RussiaWhat TNT produces
The 3rd largest city in DenmarkHaving much mass in a small volume
A white or red flowered poisonous shrubHero's mythical lover
Musical Best Picture of 1968Organ that has bile in it
The Greek letter that looks like Ο or οOne millionth of a meter
The act of leaving something outA trip by Mormon youth
A group of genes that produce messenger RNAJuan or Evita, who ruled Argentina
One's own personal viewRack's partner, in a steering mechanism
By the mouthA public road race
Red plus yellowThe spread of a set of values
The delivery of a speechA specific sized meal for a soldier
Offer too much money on eBayOf or relating to words

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