Fake Adjectives 4

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Can you name the 5-letter words clued like 'fake' adjectives by adding a Y to the end of another word?

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Fake Adjective ClueFake Adjective (+Y)Real Definition of the 5-Letter Word
Like a group of rock musiciansTo exchange words
Like actress RoseanneHome run leader Bonds
Like red and black in rouletteFlag maker Ross
Like slang for a breastA tropical seabird
Like a bit of work for a lawyerOld-time TV doctor Ben
Like a 1920's style of artA fake duck for hunting
Like a member of the peerageArriving ahead of time
Like Roman marketplacesA raid or attack in war
Like American patriot NathanJoel Osment of 'The Sixth Sense'
Like a large stringed instrumentA taunter of Greek mythology
Like a steering wheel noisemakerSexually excited
Like 5280 feetHannah Montana in real life
Like kitchen cooking receptaclesA flower
Like singer Boone and politican BuchananEdina's AbFab partner
Like a prod of the Pillsbury doughboyGumby's donkey
Like a pealed bellHaving great room or roaming abilities
Like grains on the beachDog owned by Annie
Like the ledge on a windowInane
Like a big quiz in schoolIrritable
Like an executor's documentChocolatier Wonka

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