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Can you name the 5-letter words clued like 'fake' adjectives by adding a Y to the end of another word?

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Fake Adjective ClueFake Adjective (+Y)Real Definition of the 5-Letter Word
Like the Latin word for yearBother
Like fermented hops and maltActor Wallace of 'The Champ'
Like different drill attachmentsVery teeny
Like actor PittPatriots' QB Tom
Like to give a hootSinger Mariah
Like the central partActor Haim or Feldman
Like a pickle herbSomething remarkable
Like to put gas in the tankYoung female horse
Like a pot of money for donationBay with massive tides
Like HR hitter AaronSnot rag, for short
Like to sharpen a knifeSweet bee creation
Like the element FeSomething the opposite of literal
Like an ashen faceFormer CBS head or theologian William
Like a component of the wholeA fiesta
Like the painter MondrianDevoutness
Like author AynLustful
Like gneiss or schistStallone's boxer
Like a herring-like fishDisreputable or without direct sunlight
Like archer WilliamTV to a Brit
Like to put on clothesExhausted

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