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Can you name the 6-letter words that are formed from an element's symbol and a 4-letter word?

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Element + Small Word Clue6-Letter WordDefinition
Chromium + BurdenDefeated Titan
Tantalum + PoetShort cape
Osmium + Predator foodType of bird
Erbium + Bird's homeJim Varney role
Ruthenium + EpidermisBrit art critic John
Copper + BagActor John
Praseodymium + ChillCzech locale
Germanium + Short skirtZodiac sign
Beryllium + To allegeMIT's mascot
Cobalt + CharActor James
Thorium + Move fastType of bird
Selenium + AntidoteAssured
Krypton + Animated filmAuthor Judith
Barium + Phone upActress Lauren
Element + Small Word Clue6-Letter WordDefinition
Argon + DingImpassioned
Francium + Like elversOf one's accord
Silver + IntrusiveIgnorance
Sodium + Potter's blemishRacing organization
Europium + DNA segmentSocialist Debs
Silicon + 5280 feetMetaphor relative
Einsteinium + AboundHigh regard
Scandium + Oboe, e.g.Lengthy discourse
Plutonium + UN Inspector HansGrocery chain
Gold + Strong windMonth
Helium + Havana's islandWife of King Priam
Tin + IrritateQuiddich ball
Polonium + SubmergeRural town
Lanthanum + MLB's MartinezHispanic male

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