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Can you name the words that can have DO added to their left to make another word?

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Example: DO + "Egyptian sun god" = "Cartoon explorer" DO + RA = DORA
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DO + Clue for the right thingDO-wordClue for DO-word
DO + Buddhist sect12 things
DO + A water-based landing placeMore stupid
DO + A servile followerSupremacy in power over another
DO + Grimly humorousMoney that a woman brings to a marriage
DO + ESPN sportscaster ChrisDog breed usually with Pinscher
DO + A betA widow with a title
DO + Had the highest scorePassed out things
DO + Part of a pocket watch worksA turned down page corner (hyphenated)
DO + Criticize in a witty mannerAsleep
DO + To employ or manipulateDrench with water
DO + 'Unforgettable' singer King ColeActor Robert of 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips'
DO + USA or France, e.g.Money given to a cause
DO + Japanese currencyThe senior member of a group
DO + One of five in a nickelA museum expert
DO + To see, in SpanishHome to the White Cliffs in the UK
DO + Carries out or performsExtinct birds
DO + Interjection of disgustBread, at first
DO + Pal of parsley, rosemary and thyme2 pills twice daily, e.g.

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